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SwiftDry Towels

SwiftDry Towels

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Introducing our SwiftDry Towels – the ultimate solution for efficient and comfortable pet care. Our towels are meticulously designed with a focus on excellent absorbency, softness, durability, and versatility to make the drying process a breeze for both you and your furry friend.

Key Features:

  • Rapid Absorbency: High-quality materials ensure swift moisture absorption, keeping your pet dry, comfortable, and preventing odors and skin issues 
  • Soft & Gentle: Crafted from soft fiber material, our towels provide a gentle touch on your pet's skin, ensuring a pleasant and soothing wiping experience
  • Durable & Long-Lasting: Built with robust materials, these towels withstand frequent use and washing, staying in excellent condition for reliable and long-term use


  • Material: High-quality, soft fiber material
  • Durability: Constructed for long-lasting use
  • Sizes: 
Size Width Length
Small 9.84” (25cm) 9.84” (25cm)
Medium 11.8” (30cm) 23.62” (60cm)
Large 19.69” (50cm) 39.37” (100cm)
X Large 27.60” (70cm) 55.12” (140cm)

*Please note that measurements are approximate.


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